Microclor® On-Site Hypochlorite Generation (OSHG) is the safe, reliable and sustainable solution for water or wastewater disinfection.

As concerns mount regarding the safety and security of using chlorine gas for water disinfection, many utilities are choosing sodium hypochlorite (bleach) as a safer alternative. In weighing the implications of either concentrated, delivered bulk bleach or on-site generated hypochlorite (OSHG), utilities are considering factors such as safety, delivery frequency, cost per pound of free available chlorine, sustainability and overall life-cycle costs.

Safety & Consistency

The Microclor® OSHG generated (0.8%) hypochlorite solution is below the hazardous material threshold of 1%. This stable concentration of 0.8%, eliminates concerns regarding degradation of bulk bleach which negatively impacts the true cost per pound of free available chlorine over time. Residual and dosing control is also simplified with a stable concentration of hypochlorite solution.

Fewer Deliveries – Less Truck Traffic

The only raw materials required for the OSHG process are common salt, water and electricity. The only delivered raw material is salt with one truckload of salt is equal to three truckloads of commercial bulk hypochlorite. Therefore, vendor deliveries are reduced by 66% vs. commercial bulk hypochlorite. Less truck traffic through the community and at the treatment facility will reduce the potential for accidents and further reduces the associated carbon footprint while, also improving the water security profile.

Continuity of Operations

Utilizing Microclor® OSHG allows for the storage of larger quantities of raw materials necessary for your disinfection process (salt). Salt does not have a shelf life, it is locally available, is non-hazardous and relatively inexpensive. The result is a more resilient treatment facility better able to withstand the demands imposed by a natural disaster or health emergency.

Reduced Operational Costs

Since all chlorine compounds are made from salt, making bleach on site will result in significant savings to the owner. In many cases, it costs 30-70% less to produce sodium hypochlorite versus buying it in commercial bulk delivery. Additionally, price swings in the price of bulk hypochlorite are difficult to predict and can create significant budget variances. In contrast, the raw materials consumed by an OSHG system are readily available, much less volatile and easier to manage.

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