Our History

How Daparak, Inc. Came to Be

In 1976, George H. Zimmer was responsible for the Moyno Pump Division, and at the age of 62, was facing retirement. As Vice-President of Engineering at Robbins & Myers, his engineering leadership of 31 years left a mark on Moyno products, and his work there was certainly part of him. His respect for Moyno’s professional personnel and the mechanically superior designs they created compelled him to find a way to still be part of the business he admired, leading him to  consider his options.

He left Springfield, Ohio with his notes, books, and lifetime of knowledge to start a small business supporting and selling Moyno products in North Carolina. George Zimmer created Daparak, Inc. in June 1976. The company’s name reflects his love for his children, since Daparak is a combination of the first letters of his children’s names (David and Paul and Roger and Kathy).

For fourteen months, Daparak’s “corporate headquarters” was a small apartment in Greensboro, N.C.

From this location, George pounded the pavements of eastern North Carolina as a manufacturer’s representative and quickly established a core of accounts. By 1978, George’s sons, Roger, Paul, and David, joined the growing company. With the additional staff on board, Moyno requested that Daparak expand its representation into southern and northern Virginia. Daparak responded by opening sales and support offices in Virginia Beach and Roanoke, Virginia.

To provide better customer service, Daparak became a stocking distributor in 1980 and began to purchase inventory to fill a small warehouse in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The years since 1980 have produced a steady and consistent growth in sales, inventory, and customer support capability. In 1984, George began his semi-retirement and turned the ownership and management of Daparak over to his sons.

In April 2001, Daparak purchased another Moyno distributor operating in western North Carolina and South Carolina, J.D. Mangle and Associates.

This winning combination of people, inventory and experience allowed Daparak to better position resources for not only the Carolinas, but for all customers. Engineers, contractors, and customers from Virginia to South Carolina could now enjoy more efficient and coordinated progress across the many boundaries, job sites, and branch offices with a unified company.

David and Roger Zimmer jointly continued his legacy for 33 years until David’s retirement in 2017.  

At the helm of Daparak, Roger continued to push the company’s core value of family. Roger was a firm believer that people are what drives success, as is apparent through his statements that “We may sell pumps but people are who we serve,” and  “There’s not A CEO on the planet who is responsible for the customer. You’re responsible for the people who are responsible for the customer.”

In April 2019, Roger passed away and his wife Wendy took over the company. She continues to run the company today with the help of their youngest son, Justin, who recently joined Daparak in September 2020 after serving in the United States Army.

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