World Chemical USA, Inc



World Chemical USA, Inc., is one of the groups of World Chemical Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of Chemical Pumps and Oil Skimmer Systems.

Established in 1971, the focus of our efforts has been to continue to develop our original technology.  As World Chemical Continues to grow, we will remain committed to the challenge of providing world class Service to all of our valued customers.




Mag-drive pump:  YD-250GS, YD-400GS/GSF Series

  • Higher performances of filters and washers by high-pressure system (250GS series

  • Pipe diameter is 25A (1″), which can lower the cost of pipe materials (250GS series)
  • Developed with reduced size by the adoption of rare-earth magnets ( 2HP and above)
  • Shaft is a 2-point support structure for higher durability
  • Adoption of loose flange
  • Rear casing air-removing mechanism with air-lock prevention system


Self-Priming Pump:  YD-GV/GVF Series

  • World’s fastest suction (17 feet in less than 2 min.)
  • Air-Lock/ Cavitation Free construction
  • Prevents and Resistant to Dry Running
  • Compact Design and Construction
  • Loose Flange for Easy Setup
  • Motor output: 0.4 to 3.7kW (3/4HP to 5HP)


Submersible Pump:  YD-GWN Series

  • World’s first corrosion-resistant submersible pump resistant to acid and alkaline liquid
  • Built-in thermal protector with automatic motor shutoff system to prevent breakdown
  • Magnetic drive system with no liquid penetration into the motor
  • A grip (handle) attached for easy transfer at a time of an emergency


Vertical Pump:  YD-VK/VP Series


  • Specific gravity 1.1.

It can be used in/out of a tank. Perfect for circulating pump for scrubber system.p4


  • Specific gravity 1.4.

High pressure pump. For printed circuit boards and etching machines.

2500VK series

  • Gold plating systems


  • Gas Seal Mechanism
  • Sealless construction
  • Resistance to Chemicals
  • Resistance to heat (Possible temperature range: 32F to 185F)
  • Bearing -less
  • Replaceable cantilevered sleeved stainless steel shaft
  • Reducing air entrapment and improving suction performance

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