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Verder US of Macon Georgia and its subsidiaries have been servicing the requirements of customers for over 20 years.  Verder offers three world class product ranges, all have seen wide customer acceptance due to overall quality, performance and operating efficiency. Alfa Laval and their brand of SSP industrial rotary lobe pumps are in continuous duty across the world.

Verderair air operated pumps has gained wide praise for their air saving performance and ‘no stall’ reliability. Finally, the Verderflex range of peristaltic ‘tube’ and ‘hose’ pumps are class leading in design and function.

VERDERFLEX – Peristaltic pumps

Verderflex Peristaltic tube and hose pumps from Verder have gained worldwide prominence, particularly in dosing applications. These applications involve abrasive, highly corrosive, viscous, high density and shear sensitive products within industries such as water and waste water, food & beverage, chemical, biofuel, bioenergy, print & packaging and ceramics.

Verderflex Durap2

The Dura series forms a new generation of smaller hose pumps; the Dura 5, Dura 7, Dura 10, Dura 15, Dura 25, Dura 35, Dura 45, and the Dura 55 are based on an innovative long coupled design with close coupled advantages.

  • Flow 0.1 gph up to 55 gpm
  • Discharge pressure 0 – 174 psig
  • Hoses EPDM, NR, NBR & CSM hoses and Verderprene
  • Special feature Air gap between the pump casting and the gearbox for zero risk of cross contamination.


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p1Verderflex VF

The original Verderflex peristaltic hose pump with 12 models available

  • Flow 0 – 396 gpm
  • Discharge pressure up to 232 psig
  • Hose diameter 5; 10; 15; 20; 25; 32; 40; 50; 65;
  • 80; 100; 125 mm
  • Hose materials Natural rubber, EPDM, Buna and Hypalon


p3Verderflex Rapide

This industrial series has been developed to offer simple, reliable and cost effective pumping solutions for industrial applications. Also easy load tube controlled versions available.

  • Flow up to 7.10 gpm
  • Discharge pressure 0 – 29 psi
  • Special feature wide range of motor power
  • Options remote control & dispensing options
  • Special feature tube changeover in seconds


p4Verderflex Smart

The easy to use Verderflex smart tube pump is capable of pumping viscous, abrasive and chemically aggressive liquids.

  • Flow up to 7.13 gpm
  • Pressure range 0 – 29 psig
  • Options Remote control & dispensing options
  • Special feature Tube changeover in seconds


Verderflex Hoses – Learn why Verderflex hoses outlast competitor hoses (click here)



Air operated double diaphragm pumps

Verderair is a series of double diaphragm pumps, which are highly engineered. The result is a pump delivering a smooth, reliable flow. The new air valves design guarantees a perfect, non-stalling, efficient operation, even at low pressure. The air valves do not need any lubrication and thanks to their unique design, the pumps are able to handle very abrasive and/or viscous products.



Verderair air operated diaphragm pumps are capable of pulses and reliable transfer of liquids. With its unique air valve design a perfect non-stalling operation is guaranteed.

  • Flow 0-277 gpm
  • Discharge pressure up to 232 psig
  • Models ¼; ⅜; ½; ¾; 1″; 1½”; 2″; 3″
  • Choice of material PP, PVDF, Acetal, Aluminum, Cast iron, SS


p6Verderair Pure

Verderair Pure is a range of double diaphragm pumps constructed from one-piece most pure materials for harsh and severe pump applications.

  • Flow 275 gpm
  • Discharge pressure 102 psig
  • Choice of material PE, PTFE, also in conductive executions
  • Diaphragms EPDM, PTFE, Buna


SSP rotary lobe pumps

SSP super heavy duty rotary lobe pumps from Alfa Laval are excellent pumps for highly viscous applications. High efficiency, low energy consumption smooth flow and able to handle abrasive media are some of the benefits to mention.


p7Series L

Economical 316SS rotary lobe pump to meet most industry applications.

  • Flow range 215 gpm
  • Pressure 115 psi



Series S

For abrasive, shear-sensitive, or viscous products including paper coatings, clay slurry, paint, and more.

  • Flow 465 gpm
  • Pressure 290 psi


Series X

Industrial applications including clean & food processes

Series X is EHEDG certified.

  • Flow 500 gpm
  • Pressure 215 psi


Series N

Industrial applications including clean & food processes.

Series X is EHEDG certified.

  • Flow 10 gpm
  • Pressure 100 psi


Series M

Filling machines, dosing and sampling, low volume transfer flows.

  • Flow 6 gpm
  • Pressure 75 psi


p8Series D

Super heavy duty sludge pumps with the ‘AIR GAP’.

Also available with cast iron lobes for non-corrosive industrial duty.

Flow 790 gpm

Pressure 215 psi


Series A&G

High capacity stainless and ductile iron pumps for maximum flow.

  • Flow 3,000 gpm
  • Pressure 145 psi


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