Poly Processing

Poly Processing

Poly Processing tanks offer superior durability, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, and reduced overall maintenance cost. Poly Processing Company manufactures vertical (upright) HDXLPE tanks that meet or exceed ASTM D 1998 standards.

High-density crosslinked polyethylene, or XLPE, is a thermoset resin that is specifically designed for critical applications like chemical storage.

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IMFO® Tank – Integrally Molded Flanged OutletTraditional tank maintenance can be a challenge with many chemicals – so Poly has developed a unique system that offers complete tank drainage and helps minimize the hazards associated with traditional vertical tank maintenance.  With Poly’s Integrally Molded Flanged Outlet, or IMFO® system, the flange is molded while the tank is processing, making it a stress-free part of the tank. The flange is created from the same material as the tank – it’s not an insert introduced during or at post-production.
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 2 Safe-Tank ® Our innovative SAFE-Tank® storage and containment system, the “tank within a tank”, provides customers with a leveraged investment that offers peace of mind and environmental care. Our high density crosslinked polyethylene SAFE-Tank® alleviates the need to build large, high-maintenance concrete containment areas. In the event of a spill, the SAFE-Tank® system’s all-in-one design features a protected containment area that will safely isolate reactive chemicals, protect your employees from harm, and protect you from environmental remediation, all within the footprint of a standard vertical tank.
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 3 PolyProcessing Tank Offerings

  • Vertical Tanks with IMFO®
  • SAFE-Tank® System
  • Vertical Tanks
  • Cone-Bottom Tanks
  • Open-Top Tanks
  • Secondary Containment Basins
  • Horizontal Tanks
  • Steel-Lined Vessels
  • Non-Standard Tanks & Custom Molded Products
  • Full Range of Tank Accessories – Ladders, Agitator Brackets, Fittings, Etc.

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