Pioneer Pump Is Performance Through Innovation.

Leading-edge hydraulic engineering makes our centrifugal pumps the highest performing pumps on the market. Our pumps provide better flow, higher head, greater efficiency, and unparalleled service designed to meet your unique challenges. At Pioneer Pump, we don’t just design, we deliver.


Standard Centrifugal Pumps

Size: 1.5–30”, 40–760 mm
Head: 700 feet, 210 meters
Flow: 20–45,000 usgpm, 4–10,000m3/hr

Pioneer standard centrifugal pumps provide superior performance in a variety of applications. The large impeller eyes deliver lower NPSHr and improved vapor-handling capabilities, making them ideal for food processing, municipal and other markets.

  • Minimize maintenance costs — Replaceable wear rings, oversized bearings and shaft keep the pumps running optimally.
  • Reduce overhead costs — The modular design helps keep your on-hand parts inventory low.
  • Reduce operating costs — Our industry-leading, high-performance impeller design provides more flow with less horsepower for lower operating costs.
  • Be environmentally responsible — Our standard centrifugal pumps are environmentally responsible, too, with standard tungsten vs. silicon carbide mechanical seals that prevent pump leakage.



Self-priming Pumps

Size: 1.5”–10”, 40–250mm
Head: 200+ feet, 60m
Flow: 20–3,500 GPM, 4–795m3/hr

Pioneer self-priming pumps are designed for reliable solids and clear liquids handling. After initial priming, they continue to reprime automatically. The next-generation Elite Series self-priming pump offers superior performance, increased reliability and reduced maintenance. All are available in a variety of different materials.

  • Rely on the best materials  — Standard heavy-wall ductile iron volute and 17-4 PH stainless steel shaft for durability and peace of mind.
  • Get peak performance — A simple external shimless impeller adjustment means the user can easily adjust the tolerance between the impeller and wearplate.
  • Trust our seals — Cartridge type tungsten vs. silicon carbide mechanical seal makes for ease of maintenance and simple installation.

Elite Series Exclusive Features: 

  • Improved seal life — An optional external mechanical seal flush is available for improved seal life.
  • Protected bearings — Rotating assembly utilizes a double lip seal with atmospheric drain for additional bearing protection.
  • Easy view of oil levels — Two sight glasses make it easy to see the bearing and oil levels.



Pioneer Prime: Vacuum Prime Assist Pumps

Size: 1.5”–30”, 40–760 mm
Head: 700+ feet, 210 meters
Flow: 20–44,000 USGPM, 4–10,000 m3/hr

Pioneer Prime vacuum prime assist pumps deliver extreme flows with high head capability and utilize our UltraPrime™ priming system. This advanced system is capable of rapid (50 CFM) unattended priming and run-dry operation for the ultimate in remote operation.

  • Eliminate environmental concerns due to product spillage — Our PosiValve™ stainless steel priming valve is specifically designed to eliminate product carryover.
  • Achieve better performance — Large impeller eye areas with lower NPSHr characteristics allow for higher suction lift capability.
  • Use less energy — Optimized package design matches the vacuum prime assist pumps with engines to use less horsepower and achieve higher performance.
  • Get a rental-ready package — Robust skid with large integral fuel tank allows for extended run time.
  • Enjoy quiet operation — Sound-attenuated packages available.
  • Increase flexibility — Modular pumpset designs make it fast and easy to convert from trailer to skid.



Hydraulic Submersible Pumps

Size: 1.5”–18”, 40–450mm
Head: 700+ feet, 210m
Flow: 20–18,000 GPM, 4–4,000m3/hr

Pioneer hydraulic submersible pumps are ideal for dewatering, construction and mining applications. They offer reliable solids handling and clear liquid service and are available in a variety of different metallurgies.

Hydraulic Pump Features:

  • Set it and forget it — Indefinite run-dry capability without damage to the pump.
  • Use one pump for many applications — Designed for heavy sludge, sewage, trash and clear liquid applications.
  • Be environmentally responsible — Heavy-duty, low-pressure, oil-lubricated bearing block with tungsten vs. silicon carbide mechanical seal to prevent pump leakage.

Hydraulic Power Unit Features: 

  • Use it anywhere — Engine-driven or trailer-mounted packages take the power units anywhere you need them. Also available in electric-driven configurations.
  • Get a rental-ready package — Robust skids with large integral fuel tank allow for extended run time.
  • Reduce operating costs — Variable engine speed allows for adjustable flow rates and less fuel consumption.


Pioneer Pump Selector
5Find the Pioneer pump that best meets your needs using our Pump Selector. Simply select your system design point, fluid properties, motor sizing and NPSH ratings from the choices below, and the Pump Selector creates a dynamic pump curve. From there, you have the ability to trim impeller diameters, adjust operating speeds and save the data sheet as a PDF.

The Pump Selector also includes a Total Head Calculator, a full lifecycle cost analysis and the ability to request a quote based on your specs.

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Please note the Pump Selector is for estimating purposes only. All your selections should be confirmed with Pioneer Pump. Also, while this tool contains a great number of options, it is not comprehensive. If you do not find the selections you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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