MicrOclor On-Site Hypochlorite Generation (OSHG) is truly the Safe, Sound, Clean & Green disinfection option.

As concerns mount regarding the safety and security of using chlorine gas for water disinfection, many utilities are choosing sodium hypochlorite (bleach) as a safer alternative. Once the decision to convert to a safer alternative has been made the question remains whether to purchase or produce sodium hypochlorite. Many are choosing MicrOclor to meet their disinfection requirements.





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Safety Fewer Deliveries Continuity of Operations| Reduced Operational Costs | Direct Hydrogen Management | Continuous Process Control | Full Wave DC Power | Compact Cell Design | High-Velocity Electrolyte Circulation |









3The Tank Shark provides for a homogeneous mixture within the reservoir, eliminating thermal and residual stratification. Additionally, the Tank Shark allows chlorine and chloramine injection with no moving parts or electrical equipment within the reservoir.

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Patented Eductor Nozzle | Mixing Energy | Homogenous Reservoir | Chlorine & Chloramine Injection | Real Time Sampling & Analysis | DBP Reduction | Suspension & Submersible | No Confined Space Entry




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