Grundfos BoosterpaQ

Commitment to quality
Commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of our BoosterpaQ systems. Based on the extremely reliable, high-efficiency CR pump range, BoosterpaQ solutions are fully integrated systems. Each component is made by Grundfos to meet the strictest quality requirements, so you can rest assured that all technologies involved in the process work perfectly together.

BoosterpaQ Features :

  • UL-listed system
  • NSF 61 approved system
  • Factory built, Factory Tested, Fully integrated, all-in-one systems
  • Constant-pressure control
  • Ethernet connection (built-in web server)
  • Communication Capability: PROFIBUS, Interbus-S and radio/modem/PLC,Modbus via G100 gateway


BoosterpaQ Applications :

  • Municipal: Maintain constant pressure in your waterworks applications and water distribution networks; Tank fill and Water Reuse applications.
  • Industrial Applications: Food (dairy, brewing, processing), Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, and Metal Industries.
Grundfos BoosterpaQ Configurations :
Hydro MPC-E :
Booster sets with two to six CRE pumps. The terminology CRE means CR pump that includes an
integrated variable frequency drive (VFD)/motor with sizes from 1 to 10 Hp.
Hydro MPC-E (CUE) :
Booster sets with two to six CR pumps, each connected to Grundfos’ external CUE VFD.
Hydro MPC-F :
Booster sets with two to six CR pumps connected to one external VFD. The speed-controlled operation alternates between the pumps of the booster set.


Hydro MPC-S :
Booster sets with two to six constant speed CR pumps.The pumps of the Hydro MPC booster systems are controlled individually by the CU 352 multi-pump control unit which contains application-optimized software and pump curve data. The CU 352 thus knows the exact hydraulic and electrical data of the pumps to be controlled. Furthermore, a log function enables monitoring of the system performance over a period of time.User-friendliness :
Hydro MPC features a built-in start-up wizard in a wide range of languages that guides the installer through a series of steps until the system is correctly installed and commissioned. When the installation is complete, the large, user-friendly color display will ensure that day-to-day operation is equally easy.


Other Systems :
MPC Multi-E
Hydro Multi-E is an innovative pressure booster system specially designed for building service applications. As standard, Hydro Multi-E booster sets consist of two to four identical CRE pumps connected in parallel and mounted on a common base frame provided with a control cabinet and all the necessary fittings. The control of the booster set builds on the master and slave principal where one pump is the master pump and where the other pumps act as slaves.
Hydro Multi-E booster sets are supplied as complete, pre-assembled and thoroughly tested booster sets, ready to install. The set point is easily adjusted via the Grundfos Go Remote or from the control panel. The advanced control takes care of other adjustments to maintain constant pressure and optimum comfort.


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