Greenlane Biogas


Greenlane Biogas – working across the Americas with unrivalled expertise in renewable natural gas upgrading.




Greenlane Biogas was formed in November 2008 under the brand name Chesterfield Biogas (CBG), following the signing of a co-operation agreement with Greenlane® Biogas, the world leader in biogas upgrading. It gave exclusive rights to market, manufacture and maintain Greenlane® equipment in the UK and Eire and saw the UK’s first biogas upgrader supplying biomethane to the national grid installed at a Thames Water site in Didcot in 2010.

Greenlane_pic#1In October 2014, Pressure Technologies plc acquired the Greenlane® business, giving the division, and the Group, a worldwide presence in the rapidly growing biogas upgrading market. CBG was subsequently renamed Greenlane Biogas UK. Sheffield, UK now forms the headquarters for the worldwide operation. The business operates in three geographical regions; North and South America and China, serviced out of Vancouver, Canada; Europe, serviced out of Sheffield, UK; and South East Asia and Australasia serviced out of Auckland, New Zealand.

Greenlane Biogas upgraders operational around the world are in Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Holland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, the UK, and the United States.

The two largest biogas upgrading plants in the world at Güstrow, Germany, and Montreal, Canada, use Greenlane’s water wash technology.

The technology employed is efficient and environmentally friendly, processing and purifying the raw biogas produced from wastewater treatment and the anaerobic digestion of a wide range of organic waste materials, including food waste. When upgraded, the resulting biomethane (or renewable natural gas) has very similar properties to the natural gas used in gas networks or as a vehicle fuel. Many Greenlane projects have gas-to-grid or pipeline connection as their objective.

A continuous research and development program ensures that Greenlane remains at the leading edge of biogas upgrading technology.

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