About Us

Manufacturer’s Representative and Stocking distributor of Pumps, Process Equipment, Tanks, Grinders, and other Fluid Handling Solutions since 1976.

Daparak is a manufacturer’s representative and full service distributor of fluid handling and process equipment for the municipal and industrial based markets in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. We stock equipment and parts, provide application consulting, fabrication services, equipment evaluation and repair, on-site field support or dedicated customer service via phone. Whether it be troubleshooting a problem, or designing and installing a complete chemical feed and control system, we have decades of experience on your side.

We believe that product and application knowledge is the cornerstone of a successful industrial and municipal program. We are committed to developing and maintaining at every level within our organization, a thorough knowledge of the products we represent, how to apply them and provide expert after-market support.

Today, Daparak owns a 6,500 square foot warehouse and office facility at our main office in Chesapeake, Virginia- where we maintain a million dollar inventory consisting of pumps, accessories, and replacement parts. We also maintain additional support offices in Roanoke, Virginia; Raleigh, NC; Charlotte, NC; Columbia, SC and Beaufort, SC.

Outside Sales
1Each of our salesmen travel their territory serving a variety of needs:

  • Maintaining a relationship with our customers
  • Showing new equipment solutions for customer applications
  • Checking performance of installed equipment that we provided
  • Troubleshooting problems
  • Start-up Assistance

Project Management
Daparak has had a dedicated Project Manager since 2005. Daparak saw the need to have this position established to enable Daparak to take on more project work that will encompass our entire product portfolio. The Project Management life cycle works in tandem with the sales force and our principals through all stages of the project.

Inside Sales Team
A team of inside sales representatives are available to take customer’s calls. Their day consists of expediting emergency orders, identifying replacement parts, placing orders, quoting, managing efficient deliveries, providing customer requested materials, answering questions, and much more. Our support team is here to make your life easier in any way we can. Our specialists have computerized programs and libraries to assist with many questions, and when needed, can schedule technical assistance with a salesperson or specialist at the customer’s facility.

The Daparak Plug N’ Pump system designed for chemical feed featuring Moyno progressing cavity pumps. Daparak chemical feed wall mounted and floor mounted skid systems featuring Grundfos and Verder metering pumps. We can provide quotations, drawings, submittals, and equipment packages. Our in-house engineering capabilities enable us to size and select a wide range of pump products complete with drivers and instrumentation. Daparak is also able to design and source custom industrial controls.








5Ourfactory-trained repair technicians offer open and inspect services with a written evaluation report of our findings. Daparak is a top-tier Certified Moyno Class A repair service center.

Daparak maintains a million dollar inventory in parts and equipment with inside specialists to assist customers. Dedicated shipping personnel are actively involved in everything from tracking orders to building custom crates, and delivering emergency orders efficiently.

Daparak pursues business opportunities within the municipal and industrial markets. Resources are balanced to generate approximately 50% of our income from each general market area. Specifically, our focus is on:

The Municipal market
includes municipal water treatment and distribution, municipal wastewater treatment and collections. Efforts within this market are multi-faceted and concentrate on:

  • Plant-level sales and product support.
  • Project support to Engineering firms from design to start-up
  • General Contractor support from bid to project completion
  • After-market support of represented products to include parts, training and problem solving.

The Industrial market
The Carolinas and Virginia include a large variety of industries. Daparak works to serve all industrial clients that specifically include the following industry types:

  • Chemical processing
  • Pulp and paper
  • Food and pharmaceutical
  • Industrial water and wastewater treatment
  • Water treatment providers
  • Tobacco and textile
  • Boiler houses
  • Original equipment manufacturers

11In 1976, George H. Zimmer was responsible for the Moyno pump division, and at the age of 62, was facing retirement. As Vice-President of Engineering at Robbins & Myers, his engineering leadership of 31 years left a mark on Moyno products, and his work there was certainly part of him. His respect for Moyno’s professional personnel and the mechanically superior designs they created, compelled him to find a way to still be a part of the business he so admired -he considered his options… He left Springfield, Ohio with his notes, books, and lifetime of knowledge, to start a small business supporting and selling Moyno products in North Carolina.
Mr. Zimmer created Daparak in June 1976, by using the first letter, of the first name, of his four children (David and Paul and Roger and Kathy) to spell DAPARAK.

David and Roger Zimmer continue his legacy as the current joint owners of the business.
For fourteen months, Daparak’s “corporate headquarters” was a small apartment in Greensboro, N.C. From this location, George pounded the pavements of Eastern North Carolina as a manufacturer’s representative and quickly established a core of accounts. By 1978, George’s three sons, Roger, Paul, and David joined the growing company. With the additional staff on board, Moyno requested that Daparak expand its representation into southern Virginia and later into northern Virginia. Daparak responded by opening sales offices in Virginia Beach and Roanoke, Virginia.

To provide better customer service, Daparak became a stocking distributor in 1980and began to purchase inventory to fill a small warehouse in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The years since 1980 have produced a steady and consistent growth in sales, inventory, and customer support capability. In 1984, George began his semi-retirement and turned the ownership and management of Daparak over to his sons.

12In April 2001, Daparak purchased another Moyno distributorship operating in Western North Carolina and South Carolina by the name of J.D. Mangle and Associates. This synergy of people, inventory and experience allowed Daparak to better position resources for not only the Carolinas, but for all customers. Where the Carolina’s were split between two companies for many market leading products, now customers could receive the benefits of one organization to service their needs. Engineers, contractors, and customers from Virginia to South Carolina now enjoyed more efficient and coordinated progress across the many boundaries, job sites, and branch offices with a unified company.




Our Company Logo

Our company logo, with its green triangle, inside a blue circle, represents our beginning and specialty even today- pumps. The old engineering schematic symbol for “pump” in process drawings was a circle containing a triangle back in the 1970’s when George Zimmer was designing Moyno pumps. This is the circle and triangle in the center of our logo today. The line represents the pipe.