DMX Positive Displacement Diaphragm Dosing Pump

DMX Positive Displacement Diaphragm  Dosing Pump

 6The DMX 221 and 226 are motor driven mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pumps. The DMX can be configured to meet the demands in a variety of applications. Manually change the stroke length of the DMX B to reduce capacity. For external control the DMX AR (Etron Profi) can receive a pulse or analog signal. The DMX 226 is available in a duplex version for doubled capacity.  For additional control, use a servo motor to externally control the stroke length.


The liquid end is composed of:

  • Dosing head
  •  PTFE coated diaphragm
  •  Double ball valves up to 50 l/h and single ball valves from 60 l/h

Other features:

  • Robust industrial pump with chemical resistance plastic enclosure
  •  Easy to install and operate design
  •  Long life PTFE coated diaphragm
  •  Optimum capacity and stroke frequency graduation
  •  Dosing flow variation < ±1.5%, linearity >±4%


Electronics features:

  • Applies only to pumps with control variant: AR
  • Etron Profi microprocessor electronics, direct attached to motor:
  • Stroke frequency adjustable from 1 stroke/min to maximum stroke frequency
  • Pulse control with multiplier and divisor
  • Analog signal control 0/4-20 mA
  • Level control with input for two level signals.
  • Pulse, analog and remote on/off input
  •  Analog output
  •  Alarm relay output
  •  Stroke output
  •  Input for dosing controller and diaphragm monitoring sensor

Applies only to pumps with control variant: AT0

  • Automatic adjustment of stroke length via direct drive control or mA-input signal
  •  Block-proof synchronous motor with feedback potentiometer
  •  Two limit switches